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The mandate of the Fraser Valley Christian Junior Hockey Association is to provide a venue for male Christian youths who do not play in any other organized league for a variety of reasons, (such as Sunday play, ability or performance), to play ice hockey. The goal of the Association is to provide a team sport that is played in a Christian environment, with a primary focus on fun and secondary focus on competitiveness. It is a hockey association that will promote good attitudes and sportsmanship. It will be a non-contact league that will promote and encourage skill-based play and player development from the time a player will participate in the league. It will offer an alternative to Minor Hockey by providing a fun, competitive, challenging game in a positive Christian atmosphere.

2020-2021 Registration
Registration for the 2020/2021 season is open!

Click the registration button above to get started.
Fees are $545 for A,B and C divisions.
Fees are $425 for D division.
Registration AND payment deadline is September 12th.

We would like to announce that we will be going ahead with the upcoming hockey season! It will start a little later and look a little different, but it will be exciting, fun, and allow the kids to continue playing the game we love!
The teams will be made up of 9 players. 2 lines of 4 and a goalie. This will allow for social distancing in the dressing room and on the bench. It will also allow for more room on the ice in keeping with the rules set out by Sportsplex and the Government.
Only 1 parent will be allowed into the building, and no more than 40 total people allowed into one ice rink. Again this allows for roughly 1 parent of each player to be in the rink watching. We will have additional protocols in place for each game. We will be doing temperature checks on each player in the dressing room and also a quick questionnaire regarding any travel.
We have decided to begin the season on October 2nd. This will give us time to sort things out once the new registration deadline passes.

Notice from the AMCHL:
The AMCHL is a new Christian Men's hockey league that plays Thursday and Saturdays. The league promotes 4 distinctive league goals for Christian Men looking to play hockey.
  1. A men's hockey league in which Christ-like love and consideration comes first before all else.
  2. To play semi-competitive hockey with a culture that promotes level-headedness over competitive wills.
  3. To allow Christian men to meet and interact with other Christian men in and out of our normal circles.
  4. That our actions on the ice would bear as good witness to our saviour Christ Jesus in the eyes of any spectator.
If you are too old to play in the FVCJHA, please check out our website here and to register go here!

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