Fraser Valley Christian Junior Hockey Association

Fraser Valley Christian Junior Hockey Association Constitution

Association Name
Fraser Valley Christian Junior Hockey Association.

Executive Board
Consists of a group of volunteers within the association. The Board's responsibility is to maintain the present and future operation and organization of the association.

Player's Representative Committee
The committee consists of the Coaches of all the teams of the association and meets with the Executive Board approximately three to four times per season to address any concerns regarding the association, players, teams, scheduling, and so forth.

Teams shall have coaches, assistant coaches, equipment managers, scorekeepers, and linesmen.

Volunteers are necessary for this association to function in its present and future operations. The FVCJHA is a non-profit volunteer-based organization, which attempts to keep its fees as low as possible in order to facilitate the opportunity for Christian youths to play ice hockey.

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Player Eligibility
Players must be male and regularly attending members of a recognized church. Players may not belong to any other organized hockey league while the FVCJHA is operating. Exceptions can be made in cases where players intend to participate in recreational spring hockey leagues, which in some cases may begin just prior to the FVCJHA season ending.

Christian Philosophy
All participants in the operation of the association, such as volunteers, spectators, officials, parents, and players, must uphold and promote Christian philosophies and values within the association. The Association provides an opportunity to extend Christian values, behaviors, and atmospheres beyond home, church and school venues and into hockey arenas.

The Fraser Valley Christian Junior Hockey Association has been in existence for more than twenty years. Its inception occurred when a group o fathers, who themselves played hockey, wanted their sons to begin playing hockey as well. These parents did not want their sons playing in community minor hockey for a variety of reasons, primarily that of Sunday practices or games. These parents wanted a Christian league which would provide an atmosphere that would be an extension of that which the boys had at home, church, and school. A few other reasons were to include less time commitment, be less expensive, and have no bias as to player ability.

The league began with 2 teams, then 4-5 teams, and so on, and has expanded steadily since then, especially in the past 5-6 years. The association now has three divisions with 5-6 teams in each division. The association has been increasing by additional teams each season. In the recent couple of years, out-of-province tournaments have been organized and out-of-province Christian teams have been guests at tournaments in the Fraser Valley.

The association also has continued contact and shared games/ tournaments with several Christian teams from the Abbotsford, Sardis, and Chilliwack areas. As the association has grown, so has the need for volunteers in every capacity, including coaches, scorekeepers, statisticians, board members, officials, and so forth. It is hoped that the original historical mandate, which commenced the inception of this organization, will be carried forth into the new millennium, and that the league will continue to be supported in its operation and expansion.

FVCJHA Rules and Regulations
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